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Our Mission

While honoring the history and contributions of our Ancestors the specific purpose and mission of this nonprofit is to support and bring perpetual peace and prosperity to the Saskinax̂, known as Attuans, an Indigenous Maritime Nation whose Ancestors inhabited Saskinam Tanamlan region since time immemorial.


The Saskinax̂ people come from Atux̂ (Attu), Angatux̂, Avayax̂, Samiya, am Alaid Islands. These are the most western five islands in Alaska. 'Attu is the westernmost and easternmost location in the US, lying 173 degrees East longitude as far East as New Zealand.'

Map of Atux̂, Avayax̂, Alaid, Angatux̂, am Samiya

A 3 dimensional photo of the 5 islands with an outline showing our traditional area

At Atux̂ Forever, we are dedicated to revitalizing the way of life for the Saskinax̂ Unceded Nation. Our aim is to help the past, present, and future generations of the Saskinax̂ people to thrive. We believe in the power of community and are committed to working from the bottom up to achieve our goals. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the Saskinax̂ community.


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