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Organizational Values

Circle of Values

List of values listed within a circle design: calm and classy, change makers, rain makers, compelling, continued wisdom, spirited and strong, and healing warriors, and more!

Our values of our nonprofit are connected to our intent of our goals referred to as the Sichin R's. Our Sichin (4) R's - Recognize, Revitalize, Repatriate, and Recover. Below are the descriptions of our Sichin R's. Circles are an integral part of our cultural practices and our structure of our organization is based on the Sacred Circle. We are connected to one another, and our goal is to ensure that this Sacred Circle is unbreakable.

  • Recognize: Recognition of our people’s contributions to our global community.

  • Revitalize:  Revitalize our language, culture, identity, and our love for our people.

  • Repatriate:  Repatriate our loved ones and sacred items across the world.

  • Recover:  Recover our stewardship with our lands, oceans, and way of life.

We pride ourselves to create a fun environment that includes laughter and levity. In addition, we honor each light in each person. The sun is a part of us. Aĝayax̂ shines and reminds us to shine on others each and every day. The sun never fails and as such this is our reminder that we should not either.

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